How would our community be different if everyone had an opportunity to build their own technologies? Imagine if students could learn how to make their own mobile apps, if entrepreneurs could develop their own tools to make their businesses more efficient, and if workers could upgrade their tech skills to get their next promotion. What would we create if we could to use technology take our future into our own hands?

Reach Clinton County offers Clinton County residents the opportunity learn to code, upgrade their skills, and change their futures.

This initiative is made possible by an exciting partnership with Treehouse, an interactive online training platform with a mission to bring affordable technology education to people everywhere. Through the generous support of Treehouse, 1,000 Clinton County residents will be eligible to receive a FREE lifetime membership to Treehouse’s incredible course library used by blue chip companies to train their workforce in coding and technology skills, including Disney, AOL, and Twitter. With this amazing resource local residents are able to learn to code for free from the comfort of their homes, schools, and businesses as we work to cultivate a local tech community.

ECC has also teamed up with Gaslight, a Cincinnati based software company co-founded by a Wilmington resident. With Gaslight’s support we are hosting monthly Pizza & Coding Meetups to encourage people learning code to connect together to ask questions, offer support, and collaborate on projects.

Clinton County residents the would like to request a free lifetime membership to Treehouse can do so at