Ray Oldenburg coined the term “third places” and defined them as “anchors” of community life that facilitate and foster broader, more creative interaction. He used to term to describe places outside of our home (first place) and workplaces (second place) where individuals gather.

The General Denver Hotel is such a place for our community, and its weekly “open mic” night has come to be known for its gathering of community members in an energetic and creative environment.


ECC believes in the power of having quality Third Places in a community. ECC has worked with the staff at the General Denver and the founder of open mic night and music curator Rob Stuckert to market and promote the weekly event through its early stages. In three years, Open Mic Night at the General Denver continues to provide that creative environment which draws musicians, artists and citizens alike on a weekly basis.

To learn more about Open Mic Night or sign up to play, contact Rob Stuckert at 937-728-3132