ECC Receives Award from the University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio

Yesterday, ECC was honored to receive the 2013 Partnership Recognition Award from the University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio (UCEAO) at the 2013 Clean Energy Challenge competition at Ohio State University.

The purpose of the UCEAO Partnership Recognition Awards program is to highlight projects and organizations in Ohio that:

  • Exemplify the UCEAO goal of collaboration between the public and private sectors, including the academic community;
  • Add value to the state’s economic development efforts; and,
  • Promote the development and deployment of advanced energy technologies.

For 2013, the UCEAO chose to recognize local and regional organizations that are making a difference in their communities. Energy issues are an important component of each recipients’ programming; at the same time, they are interwoven with broader themes of sustainability, environmental protection, and economic development.

We share this recognition with the University of Dayton, the Clinton County Regional Planning Commission, the Toyota/Audubon TogetherGreen Fellowship program, and Dropoly.com for supporting our community energy efficiency efforts.

ECC was proud to join the three other inspirational organizations receiving this year’s award:

Green Umbrella

The Green Umbrella is a non-profit organization working to improve the economic vitality and quality of life in the region around Cincinnati by maximizing the collective impact of individuals and organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability.

In partnership with the area’s leading planning initiatives — Vision 2015 in Northern Kentucky and Agenda 360 in Southwestern Ohio — Green Umbrella facilitates collaboration among over 100 area non-profits, businesses, educational institutions and governmental entities focused on the environmental aspects of sustainability.  With its members, Green Umbrella aims to meet the environmental, social, and economic needs of today while preserving the ability of future generations to do the same.

Rural Action

Rural Action’s mission is to foster social, economic, and environmental justice in Appalachian Ohio. Rural Action builds model sustainable development projects and encourages a broad civic conversation around Appalachian Ohio’s assets in order to create sustainable development paths for the region. Although chartered for all 32 counties in the Appalachian Ohio region, Rural Action’s home office is based in northern Athens County. Its members and projects are concentrated in Athens and the six counties surrounding it. Since its founding, in 1991, Rural Action’s role as a social enterprise incubator has produced many initiatives and organizations.

GreenCityBlueLake Institute at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

The GreenCityBlueLake Institute is the sustainability center of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. It believes that on rapidly urbanizing planet Earth, the key to sustainability is the development of ecological cities where people can live healthy lives with reduced environmental footprints. GreenCityBlueLake wants to help make Northeast Ohio a leader of this transformation — a metropolitan area that demonstrates how urban revitalization can work with nature.

The GreenCityBlueLake Institute works by thinking and doing. It researches the best solutions, brings people together and participates in community initiatives, conducts demonstration projects, communicates the best ideas, and advocates publicly for change.

This is the third year that UCEAO has presented the awards.  In 2011, LEEDCo and Turning Point Solar – two major Ohio-based renewable energy projects – were honored.  In 2012, awards were given to the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) and the Center for Automotive Research at The Ohio State University, entities that are ensuring Ohio’s competitive advantage in two industry sectors of critical importance to the state.  At the same time, The University of Toledo received a special award for serving as the first UCEAO Host Institution.

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