Fellows Presentation

Today you have the opportunity to support Energize Clinton County at the peak of several incredible projects. Our Reach Clinton County initiative, which has given hundreds of community members access to coding education, is growing faster than we could have ever imagined. So too with the Little Giant Farm Stand, which in its first month of operation doubled our membership projections.

These successes–and others–are possible because we have radically redeveloped our structure. We’ve taken Energize Clinton County into a new generation, expanding our board to include over twenty community leaders as diverse as the county itself–farmers, business owners, “outsiders,” young, and old. Only several months in, our board members have already become a driving force, building on projects and visions for 2015 and beyond, and because of their hard work, Clinton County’s first ever Makerspace, and several other exciting initiatives, will launch in the months to come.

Without your annual contribution, we are not able to continue this work. We are operating at our highest efficiency and lowest overhead, and with every dollar you give, our impact magnifies exponentially.


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We’d like to thank you for your generous support of Energize Clinton County by giving you some fresh new gear to show your ECC pride. With a $120+ donation to Energize Clinton County you’ll receive an ECC zip-up canvas tote bag and our latest ECC t-shirt.

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