Beginning in 2010, ECC has pioneered a partnership with the University of Dayton’s Building Energy Center and Professor Dr. Kevin Hallinan to provide analysis and technical capacity to community-scale energy efficiency projects. ECC worked with UD to provide commercial energy efficiency analysis to local business owners. In 2011, the team UD provided 15 in depth energy assessments which recommendations (equivalent to $30,000 worth of audits), many of which had returns on investment (ROI) of just a few years.


One of the first businesses we worked with was Swindler and Sons Florists. Dr. Hallinan and the UD Engineering students toured Swindlers developed list of recommendations for improving their businesses energy usage:

  1. Install Thermal Curtain in Active Greenhouse
  2. Add Drop Ceiling to storage and Work Areas and Insulate Space Above
  3. Replace single-paned roofing for greenhouses with Lexan Thermoclear panels
  4. Add insulation to North and East walls of greenhouse
  5. Add stone walls to East Side and Floor of greenhouse

The estimated cost of these items is $5015 for the drop ceiling, $6200 to replace the glass with the Lexan panels, and $2190 for the added insulation for a total $13,405.

Through a grant that ECC received from G&J Pepsi of $10,000, ECC were able to contribute $2,000 to the projects. On top of this, Swindler’s received approximately $2500 from a Vectren energy efficiency program, totaling approximately $4500 in grant funding for the projects.

With savings around $3300/year, the estimated simple payback in years for each of these 3 items (2,3, and 4) ranges from 2.4 years to 5.4 years. These renovation projects were the most expensive ones on the list and happen to have the quickest payback leaving Swindler’s with the potential of seeing the full return of their investment in around 4 years!