In 2009, Energize Clinton County began supporting the Clinton County Farmer’s Market to help establish it as a vibrant centerpiece of the development of Downtown Wilmington.

In it’s first collaboration with the CC Farmers’ Market, ECC assisted the market in establishing a new location in the “Mural Parking Lot” adjacent to a 60 foot mural depicting a Farmers’ Market and the historic General Denver Hotel. This new location helped to build new relationships between the General Denver Hotel chef and Market vendors, and increased the local food sourced by the hotel restaurant. The General Denver also contributed to building excitement around the Market by open up during market hours and introducing a Farmers’ Market brunch menu featuring product purchased from market vendors.

ECC has also assisted the market in branding and marketing itself to increase its consumer base. ECC developed the Market at the Mural brand and logo, built the first ever web site for the Market, established a Market Facebook page, and created a e-mail marketing platform for the Market.

In 2012, ECC took over as the fiscal and management sponsor for the market to provide additional support for the marketing and development of the Market and as well as to facilitate the use alternative payments systems such as SNAP, credit, and debit cards.