Fellows Group

The Clinton Community Fellows Program is a ten-week fellowship program running 10 weeks in the summer that provides young leaders from Clinton County, Ohio the opportunity to develop valuable skills and experience in a rural, small-city environment. The program recruits and matches young, locally-connected talent with the needs of local businesses with interest in implementing innovative business development strategies.

Under the supervision and mentoring of the program’s founding partners—the Clinton County Regional Planning Commission, and Energize Clinton County—the Fellows work on a project basis with business partners to provide additional business development capacity to assist local businesses in achieving their strategic objectives.

In addition to the hands-on business development experience, Fellows take part in networking, volunteer projects, and other community-oriented activities to help them make connections and identify opportunities for long-term employment in the community.

In seven years the Clinton Community Fellows program has had 26 fellows who have contributed over 10,600 hours with 74 matches. Every fellow that has pass through the program has articulated a new (or renewed), positive perspective of the community gained from going through the program.  More importantly, the program provided a dynamic and engaging professional experience for the Fellows that connected them with business and non-profit leaders in Clinton County.

To learn more about Clinton Community Fellows, visit: clintoncommunityfellows.org