What started as a poster-based awareness campaign now has nearly 250 participating businesses nearly 4,000 actively engaged consumers.

In 2009, Energize Clinton County was contracted by the Clinton County Regional Planning Commission to develop and implement a county wide campaign to support local businesses in the region.  The campaign has developed innovative approaches to building, educating, and mobilizing consumer networks, including the creative use of e-mail marketing, social media, and web development to support small businesses in Clinton County.

The BLF campaign has been able to demonstrate the value and importance of a diverse and vibrant local economy to our community. In its fourth year, the campaign continues to see strong growth in local shopping resulting from the effort, include a 25% in local shopping during its 2011 annual holiday promotion, equivalent to $266,320 local economic activity during a three week period of the promotion.

In 2012, ECC began work on a project funded by a $48,000 grant from the USDA to transfer its buy local campaign model to community partners in a six county region in south central Ohio.